Not Impossible

Starting and setting up a business in a small town with little or no money, makes it harder to do, but not impossible.

You will need to be creative and do a lot of the ground work yourself, but this can be rewarding and fun.  The opportunity to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test and avoid expensive advisers and bookkeepers and doing it yourself, will empower you to know what to expect from your advisors when you are in a strong financial position to pay for expert advice.  See below for our top 3 tips, to help you get started.



  • Online presence


Registering your website domain is a worthwhile investment, but always shop around, to find the best deals available.

You have several options available when building an online presence.  Either learn how to build a website yourself, use WordPress, buy a cheap template, or use a DIY website service such as GoDaddy, that includes email and web hosting to save money and promote your brand, product or service, price averages from £15 – £20 a month.

You can also open a shop on Amazon and eBay, which is quick and easy to do and can help you to promote your business and direct some of the traffic to your website, if you have one.



  • Get Creative with your money


You do not need to add recruitment consultants to help you build your team.  Use your connections and network, word-of-mouth recommendations, social media, and job boards such as Indeed and start-up jobs.

Avoid expensive office space and allow workers to work remotely. You can stay in contact with team members and monitor projects, using Google Docs, Slack and Trello. You can also hot desk, as and when you need it, for meetings, presentations, and demonstrations etc.



  • Social Media


Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Twitter is a fantastic way to attract potential customers, interact with existing ones, while gaining valuable market research and feedback.


You are now an entrepreneur and if you can build a profitable business, with little or no money, then you know you are on a winner. Join us for online marketing in the next Blog, see you then!

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