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Marketing Strategies for a Business in a Small Town

Telling customers about your business and to keep them coming back to you, in a small town is challenging, but offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with the local area. You should formulate a Marketing Strategy that speaks to your target audience, you can start by using the tips below and customise it to suit your individual situation.


  1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth was and still is an effective way for people to pass on their suggestions, recommendations and complaints to their friends and neighbours.  

Networking with local people and business owners to promote your company and encourage them to invest in you as a person, is a wonderful way to get your business noticed in your new neighbourhood.

  1. Events

A terrific way to get to know the locals and do good at the same time, is to sponsor a local community gathering such as a sporting event, or you can even host your own event to promote your business.

  1. Local Press

Use the local radio and press to help you promote your event.   Tell them your story so they can help you spread the word.

  1. Freebie Marketing

You can offer a discount on your product or service and ask for feedback in return.  Expanding your customer base and getting people to offer you a genuine critique of your product/service can be invaluable to you.

  1. Go Online

Getting an online presence can be critical and depending on your business, you may not need a website, but you certainly need to register on Google and Bing using the keywords that you anticipate that your customers will use to find your product or service.  Facebook and other social media channels are great to stay in contact with your targeted audience and to monitor online customer reviews, try to respond as quickly as possible, this demonstrates that you care about what your customers are thinking.

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