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How can businesses can contribute to the local community in Small-Towns and Villages?


Local Community Identity

Every community has its individual local character and charm. Businesses can use this to their advantage by providing and facilitating meeting places, such as public houses, cafes, and markets.

As long as the local’s needs are being met, contributing to a community’s identity will benefit your business with loyalty, word of mouth recommendations and a great customer service experience.


Community Support

You can provide local community support by providing financial and other support to local events, initiatives, and charities.  Employing local people and work experience opportunities, shows that you care about your local area and are a responsible business.


You can help protect the environment and resources, by encouraging your customers to do the same. Start a local initiative such as giving a 5p discount to customers, when they reuse a carrier bag with your branding on.

Support local other local businesses

Making friends and supporting local businesses can offer you both an opportunity to benefit.  Recommending each other’s businesses can create a greater feeling of being connected within the small town or village.

As small businesses are run with an entrepreneurship spirit, which fuels innovation and prosperity, why not get together with other small businesses in the area, to teach the locals how to start a business of their own?  

Creating a healthy competition between small businesses leads to a healthy local economy and opportunities.


Successful businesses tend to be people businesses.  

They form relationships with their customers and greet them personally using the customer’s name of choice.

Be positive!

Using your unique presence in within the local community you can contribute and/or maintain the general well-being of your local community, like builders Manchester has recently acquired.

Try to Inject energy and life into your customer interactions and that feeling spread to your customers, who in turn will want a repeat of that customer experience, helping you to increase customer loyalty.


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