Small town events

Putting on a Small-Town Event

Putting on an event to promote your business can be a fun way for local people to get to know you and your business in a small town. What do you hope to gain from putting on the event? Are you looking to raise awareness for your business? Want to raise money for a local cause? Bring the community together to celebrate a national event? Create a lasting legacy, or put on a fun day?


Creating a budget is essential if you want to keep a track of your financial incomings and outgoings.   Make a reasonable plan for unexpected expenses. If you are going to charge for entrance fees, rides, and food etc, this will help you keep a measure of when you expect to break even. When you are being limited financially, try to ensure that the customers experience has not been affected by the lack of money or resources available.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Before you get a team together you need to establish the role and responsibilities that each team member has a duty to carry out. You also need to know the size and the structure which will vary depending on the event taking place. Establish a team leader that will report back to the event Director.


To get people to buy a ticket, attend or volunteer, you need to know let them know what is happening. Place an advisement in your local shop, pub or other local community hub and of course you can use word of mouth.

Have you got the right licenses?

If you intend to play music, or you intend to consume food or drink, you need to check with your local council to see if you are breaking any laws.  

Event Insurance

Get advice from the Association of British Insurers for cover.

Be respectful of the locals!

To keep the peace and your local standing in the community, encourage people to offer any objections before the event takes place and be understanding to their objections.  Ask event goers to take responsibility for themselves, their children, and the local community.

Putting on a local event to promote your business is challenging but fun.  Make sure you do not alienate and damage your reputation with the locals. Antagonising the community can be negative and detrimental to your future success.

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